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News & Updates
30 September 2000
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Cohesion V1.0.2 Released
A minor update to Cohesion has been released
To download V1.0.2, click here.
To view the Client User Guide, click here.
To view the Administration Guide, click here.

Change in license
Cohesion is now available under a less restrictive license.
See news for details

Screen Shots of Cohesion
Heard about Cohesion, but haven't seen it yet?
Click here to see some screen shots.
Current Projects
Cohesion - v 1.0
What is Cohesion?
Screen Shots
Cohesion Downloads
Client User Guide
Administration Manual
Cohesion Application Framework
Advanced Modeling Tool and Development Environment

Download V1.0.2      Zip Archive      Self-Extracting Archive

Download the Source Code      Readme First      Zip Archive

Need help installing or running Cohesion? View our set of manuals What is Cohesion? Cohesion, V1.0, is a distributed, concurrent user, Semantic Modeler. This tool is essential to any software development company who wishes to increase their efficiency in designing and developing software. Cohesion has been designed and developed by our talented application engineers, led by Tristan Austin, for software engineers. As a result we are confident that it has the features and power that your development team needs and desires.

Check out our feature list below.
Features :
  • Create your own Modelling Language or use one of Cohesion's pre-defined ones, i.e. OML
  • Completely extensible. Create your own plug-ins to Cohesion quickly and easily
  • File Repository with Conflict Detection
  • Concurrent user support
  • Client-server based
  • Instant Messaging and E-Mail capabilities
  • Secure user/password system
  • Secure encryption for communication between client and server.
  • Many more features
Screen Shots : Click on the descriptions below to display a screen shot in a new browser window.

Requirements : Operating System:
Designed and implemented purely in Java, Cohesion is a truly platform independent CASE Tool. However, your operating system must have Sun MicroSystems JRE 1.2 installed and properly configured.

  • Pentium II 233Mhz
  • 128MB RAM
  • 17" monitor recommended
Cost : Cohesion is absolutely free, enough said.

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