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News & Updates
30 September 2000
More details and previous updates

Cohesion V1.0.2 Released
A minor update to Cohesion has been released
To download V1.0.2, click here.
To view the Client User Guide, click here.
To view the Administration Guide, click here.

Change in license
Cohesion is now available under a less restrictive license.
See news for details

Screen Shots of Cohesion
Heard about Cohesion, but haven't seen it yet?
Click here to see some screen shots.

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News & Updates

-------- December 2008 --------

The cohesion web site has been moved. It's long time host at Swinburne is scheduled to be terminated and not replaced so I have moved it over here. I have also shamelessly added ads in the hope that there will be enough traffic so it can pay it's own way. The email addresses on this site no longer work. My contact details can be found on the site.

-------- September 30, 2000 --------

Work on Cohesion over the last year has been scarce as we settle into our permanent positions as software engineers in the IT industry, (or backpacking across Europe and Africa as the case may be).

One of our primary developers has been developing a modelling tool based on the Cohesion viewport for his firm. These updates include a move to XML as the standard file format and allows the notations to be drawn in a third party graphics tool allowing detailed scaleable vector graphics. These improvements, among others will be incorporated into the next major release of Cohesion which should ship shortly.

A number of developers around the world have recognised the benefits of building applications on the
Cohesion Application Framework (CAF) and as a result, we have received a number of requests for a less restrictive license on the cohesion libraries.

The move from the GPL was not taken lightly and was therefore subject to much debate among those of us maintaining the project. We wanted to maintain the Open Source ideals while still allowing people to build proprietry applications on top of the CAF base.

The end result was a slightly modified BSD license which can be viewed in its entirety here.

-------- November 26, 1999 --------

Last night we presented Cohesion to the Australian Java Users Group (AJUG) focussing primarly on the kernel architecture and distributed application framework. There is no doubt we left a good impression on the group given the amount of interest in the product as well as interest in the people behind it (some of us are still looking for permanent work for 2000).

Also today we updated the downloadable binaries to
version 1.01 which incorporates some fixes regarding saving stepped arcs correctly and also saving language preferences when running from within the jar file.

We now have anonymous access to our source repository and and some documentation on how to check out and build the repository. Access to the source repository is read only, to submit any updates you will need to email it to us.

Coming soon... some documentation detailing how to build your own plugins for Cohesion. Don't hold your breath though, we've now switched to a more relaxed approach to development. Anyone that's interested now can contact us directly for a more immediate response.

-------- October 22, 1999 --------

The long awaited Final release of Cohesion is here. Cohesion, V1.0, is out and available for
download. Packed with a multitude of new features and bux fixes since the relase of Beta 2, Cohesion is definitely in a league of its own.

Our marketing site has been heavily reworked to make it faster, friendlier and packed full of more useful information, make this your first stop to finding out about Cohesion.

-------- October 14, 1999 --------

Following hot on the heels of our BETA release, BETA 2 is now available for

-------- October 8, 1999 --------

Cohesion BETA is now available for download. As the final release of Cohesion approaches, this Beta release, gives a good insight into the power of Cohesion. Download it and take a look for yourself, we think you will be impressed.

In other news, our Metrics have been updated, click here to take a look.

-------- October 4, 1999 --------

Last week was the mid-semester break and much was accomplished by all. The details of our accomplishments cannot be disclosed however because that would be telling.

Also of some interest to all is the final exam timetable. If you have yet to prepare for this event now would be the point of no return. For more information click

-------- September 23, 1999 --------

After weeks and weeks of preparation, our
Project Metrics are now available for viewing.

In more exciting news, the North Kangaroos will battle it out with Carlton for Australia's (and some would argue, the Worlds) premier sporting premiership, the AFL premiership cup. Both have earned a spot in the Premiership, with North confidently cruising into the Grand Final without having lost a game in the final series. Carlton however, have had a tougher time getting a birth in the Grand Final. Having been crushed by Brisbane in the first week of the final series, they rebounded to defeat West Coast and then went on to win an amazing game over arch rivals Essendon by 1 solitary point. We're sure Carlton supporters would like to thank Mark Mercuri and Dean Wallis for their efforts in the dying seconds of the game :).

-------- September 10, 1999 --------

This past week has seen the Alpha release come and go, and again Team Synergy handled it with ease. The only team to have a proper Alpha build ready and available for
download on our website by the set deadline, only made possible by the cohesive effort of Philip Hawthorne, the Publishing and Quality Assurance Groups and especially our Application Engineers.

Thursday, September 9th, saw the 3 teams, including Team Synergy, present the current build of their CASE tool. Presentations by Tristan Austin and John Newbigin, showed how advanced Team Synergy's product and procedures for automatically building the product are over the other teams.

-------- September 3, 1999 --------

A very hectic week at Team Synergy, in the lead up to the build and release of the Alpha version of Cohesion. Our
Application Engineers have been working extremely hard to produce the Alpha release on time. We think you will be very happy with what the team has produced.

In other news, the JavaDoc for our BKernel Architecture JavaDoc documentation is now available for viewing. It contains everything that you could want to know about our BKernel Architecture, so check it out now.

Our Marketing Division is still working hard on the Marketing Site. The site has undergone some major content update, and is looking very nice.

-------- August 27, 1999 --------

Yet another busy week at Team Synergy on all fronts.
-------- August 19, 1999 --------

This week has been a busy week for Team Synergy. Our web site has received some new additions, while some current sections have undergone some major improvements.
  • Our new WWW based Agenda Tracking system (powered by PHP3) is now available for use.
    Codenamed WYP - What's Your Point, it takes care of all your Meeting Agenda needs.
    Supports the ability to
    • Create, Update and Delete Agenda Items.
    • Email the agenda instantly to the relevant sub-group with one-click!.

  • Also new is our new Web Site Modification system. Generated dynamically from our modification database, it will ensure that our Modification Listing will always be current.
    Coming soon will be the ability to search the Modification Listing by Modifier, Date (Day, Month , Year) and File.

  • Our Team Member Section has been updated with an updated navigation scheme and different team member listings.
    These new listings include
  • Every team member now has their Academic Timetable online. These can be found by going to the Team Members section.
-------- August 7, 1999 --------

With the combined efforts of the Application Engineers, Quality Assurance and Publishing Groups, our
Software Requirements Specification document has undergone a major revision, and is a great improvement over the previous version.
The document is now split up into smaller, more easily-viewable sections and navigation of the document has also been improved with the addition of a document index.

NEW! Package Description (WIP) document is available for viewing.

Our site navigation has been improved with the addition of meaningful handy hints.

-------- August 2, 1999 --------

Our new and improved website, which has undertaken a facelift and restructure has gone LIVE. Sporting a new design by
Jaycee Phua and the combined effort of the Publishing Team, we are proud to present this new website and are hopeful that you will like it to.

We would love to hear any Comments and Suggestions that you may have.

Under a team restructure, our Technical Writing and Web Development team have been merged to form the 'Publishing Team'. This amalgamation is expected to increase the efficiency and quality of documents and web related items that are produced. Danny Goulas heads the new team consisting of a total of 6 people.

In other news, the mid-semester break is over, and it's back to uni for our final semester, hopefully forever., although with the C++ short course, not many people experienced a 'holiday' over the break.

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