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News & Updates
30 September 2000
More details and previous updates

Cohesion V1.0.2 Released
A minor update to Cohesion has been released
To download V1.0.2, click here.
To view the Client User Guide, click here.
To view the Administration Guide, click here.

Change in license
Cohesion is now available under a less restrictive license.
See news for details

Screen Shots of Cohesion
Heard about Cohesion, but haven't seen it yet?
Click here to see some screen shots.

Current Projects
Cohesion - v 1.0
What is Cohesion?
Screen Shots
Cohesion Downloads
Client User Guide
Administration Manual
Cohesion Application Framework


Welcome to the Team Synergy Web Site!

Cohesion is a product developed at Swinburne University as part of a year long Software Engineering project. One of three, roughly 20 person, teams involved in the subject, Team Synergy was responsible for the development of the Cohesion software, documentation and website.

As of the 12th of November, the Computer Science and Software Engineering students of 1999 completed their four year degree and with it came the end of Cohesion the university assignment and the beginning of Cohesion the Open Source project.

A number of us are still enthusiastic about the product from a number of perspectives. First of all we intend to improve and extend Cohesions modeling features and functionality but we are also heavily promoting the distributed application framework it is built on as a development platform in its own right.

Obviously now that we have finished the project, updates will come less frequently, however with the help of the open source community we hope to keep Cohesion development ongoing.

If you have any general queries relating to Team Synergy, you may like to first check out our FAQ Page before contacting us.

Keep an eye out for the News & Updates section, which periodically outlines the latest events for Team Synergy.

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